2018 Gethsemane Kick-Off

Gethsemane Prayer Meeting for all campuses started in Aug. 24th. It was good to see all our members again and newcomers. We have the Gethsemane Prayer Meeting every Friday at 7:30 pm. We like to see you next week too.

Campus Welcome Week Schedule

Welcome to the campus. Here is the rough schedule of Soon Movement Welcome Week of each campus. UGA Sign up: 8/13-16(M-Th) 10am to 4pm Korean BBQ night: 8/14 Tue. 6:30pm at MLC Pizza and Orientation: 8:16 Thu. 6:30 pm GT Sign up: 8:20-23 (M-Th) 10 am to 4 pm Korean BBQ night: 8/21 Tue.6pm @ […]